Friday, August 24, 2007

A Semester Begins & Everything Changes

Like students, the lives of teachers tick to a seasonal clock. Another semester begins Monday, and everything changes.

Earlier today on my campus, the online late-registration system crashed all morning, and when I went to wet my whistle after the short but steamy bikeride from home, I discovered that my building was without water. Par for the last weekday before classes begin!

I've created a new set of blogs to specifically share with my Writing 1010 and 1020 students at Tennessee Tech. And perhaps my friends might check them out as well!

My rationale runs something like this: I want them to write often and hopefully blog (as well) for a 'real audience,' and I don't want to ask them do to something I am not prepared to do myself. So, I hope that these blogs will remind me to write regularly, and moreover, will be something that my students read regularly for supplemental statements both serious and silly.

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